We are on a mission to have a food distribution location within easy access no matter where you may live in Chesterfield. With the assistance of volunteers from local businesses, churches and schools, we are excited to offer regular food distribution dates in many different areas with more on the way!

Our distribution events are all listed below. They include:

  • Every Monday of the Month
  • Every Tuesday for Kids’ Emergency Meals Program
  • Every Friday of the Month
  • Every Saturday of the Month

Every Friday: Chester Location

Food Bank HQ

12211 Iron Bridge Road, Chester 23831

Volunteers Needed at 4:00, Distribution starts at 5:00

1st Saturday of the Month: Hopkins Location

Hopkins Road Elementary School

6000 Hopkins Road, North Cfield 23234

9:00am Sign In, 10am distribution

2nd Saturday of the Month: Davis Location

AM Davis Elementary School

415 S. Providence Road, N. Cfield 23236

9:00am Sign In, 10am distribution

3rd Saturday of the Month: Ettrick Matoaca

Ettrick Elementary School

20910 Chesterfield Ave, Ettrick 23803

9:00am Sign In, 10am distribution

4th Saturday of the Month: Hull Street Location

J.A. Chalkley Elementary School

3301 Turner Road, Cfield 23832

9:00am Sign In, 10am distribution

1st & 3rd Monday of the Month: Jeff Davis Location

Kingsland Family Life Center

8801 Perrymont Road, Richmond 23237

volunteers needed at 4:00, distribution starts at 5:00

2nd & 4th Monday of the Month: Midlothian Location

Journey Christian Church

3700 Price Club Dr., Midlothian VA 23112


Every Tuesday: Pandemic Kids’ Emergency Program

Food Bank HQ

12211 Iron Bridge Road, Chester 23831

4pm – 6:30pm