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When the government shuts down, we step up.

Our community needs us more than ever now that millions of people relying on income from the federal government aren't getting paid. This leads to problems making rent and mortgage payments as well as challenges with access to reliable meals. Until this crisis ends, the problems will only get worse as people go from getting by to struggling to survive the lapse in pay.

The Chesterfield Food Bank has always helped those who need a hand in a time of challenge, and this is no different. We do not rely on federal funds to operate, so we are still functioning during this unfortunate government shutdown. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us so that we can support our neighbors.

With that being said, we are ramping up our efforts as quickly as possible to handle the additional assistance that Chesterfield needs right now. We could really use your help, too. Cash donations enable us to utilize our buying power and partner network to get access to high quality foods for our community. Volunteering your time during distribution enables us to get more people through the line so that everyone gets the food they need.

When you give where you live, Chesterfield thrives. During this time of crisis, we appreciate everything you can do to help us and your community.